>  a long-term plan to solve this and it is based on the GEGL port.
> I wonder what your plans about this are. Please tell us more about them.

Well, I do not know the current status of GEGL in GIMP's code, although I do
believe it is the right  way to go (from the GEGL presentations I have
seen).  I was assuming much of GEGL's implementation would be transparent to
the user such as filter operations (as in the user wouldn't know if GEGL is
doing the convolution or the original implementation).  I guess it would
pretty much depend on GEGL's integration status during the project.  Looking
at the current GIMP snapshot, it looks like GEGL is already integrated into
at least a good chunk of the code.  I'm assuming I could do it all with GEGL
if it is a complete image-processing API.  I was not planning on having the
user use any XML like GEGL could process, but I certainly could add it.  I
would need some feedback from other developers as to what would be a good
interface, but I envisioned something similar to Adobe's Lightroom, where
photos were easily browsable, stackable, and hopefully most of GIMP's
operations (as opposed to a select subset) could be applied to the group.

Does anyone have any comments about this proposal?


> Sven
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