2008/3/26, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>  Whatever you do to the image is represented as a graph. If you are doing
>  a series of operations on an image, then your graph boils down to a load
>  operation, a chain of manipulations and a save operation.

Do you mean every stroke path like interactive paint tool MUST become
an graph nodes ?
Or do you mean only some specific operations (one that is suitable for
batch) are represented as gegl node, and rest of the operations can
still modify image directly ?
If we chose first policy, the operation nodes quickly be flooded with
enormous amount of
stroke path history for users who use GIMP as a paint tool.

I believe that we should classify operations into destructive ones
(like paint brush) and
non-destructive ones (like filters and rotations etc.) , and user can
use combination of destructive and non-destructive operations in some

Or we should allow users to blit a part of the nodes into newly
created image to save
memory space by discarding some of the operation history.

Please let me know the treatment of the destructive editing operations
in future gimp.
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