On Tue, 2008-03-25 at 10:06 -0700, Bill Skaggs wrote:

> If you can build the svn-trunk version of gimp (which by the way
> is a very useful thing to do if you are interested in soc), you
> can find there a new "gegl tool" that allows a long list
> of operations to be performed, but has a pretty weak
> user interface.  (It's very buggy too right now.)  Turning this
> into something that users can actually work with, and use
> for gui-based batch operations, would be a pretty valuable
> contribution.

The GEGL tool is just a playground for developers. Something that allows
us to play with GEGL. I don't think we ever want to expose this to 
users. So I am not sure if we should base a GSoC project on it.

It's correct though that some ideas for a possible batch function could
be taken from this tool.


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