Andrei Simion wrote:
> I run Gimp 2.2 on a Red Hat machine. The Perl scripts delete the images 
> that are created by using gimp_image_delete. Even so, the swap file is 
> created and it inflates significantly. For instance, after creating 250 
> images its size is of 2.7 MB.

I have done some work on gimp-perl in recent months. A new version of 
gimp-perl is in the works. I still need to finish testing of the build and 
packaging of it.

I would be interested in a script that can demonstrate the problem. I have a 
client that uses gimp-perl with 2.2 and I'd like to alert them to the problem 
if it can be reproduced. I am even more interested to find out if the problem 
still exists with gimp-perl from SVN and a 2.4 version of GIMP.


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