Hi Sven,

When I reported this issue on Gimp 1.2, you said it wasn't maintained 
any longer and to try version 2.2. I'll see if the upgrade can be done 
to version 2.4.

Unfortunately I am not the one that decides which version to install. 
There are issues with the dependencies I have been told.

By deleting the images the memory leak is not eliminated. We only can 
stop the swap file to inflate itself so fast.


Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, 2008-03-26 at 22:11 -0400, Andrei Simion wrote:
>> I run Gimp 2.2 on a Red Hat machine. The Perl scripts delete the images 
>> that are created by using gimp_image_delete. Even so, the swap file is 
>> created and it inflates significantly. For instance, after creating 250 
>> images its size is of 2.7 MB. If the image is not deleted in the script, 
>> then after the same amount of images created the size of the swap file 
>> is of 900 MB.
> If I remember correctly, this is a known problem with at least some
> earlier GIMP versions. GIMP 2.2 is not any longer maintained, please try
> GIMP 2.4. If you should still see this problem there, then we would like
> to hear from you again, preferably with a test script that shows the
> problem.
> Sven

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