Andrei Simion wrote:
> We have installed the Gimp 2.4 and the swap file still grows. For 
> instance after generating 20,000 images, the swap file size is 2.5 GB.
> The script that is causing problems has 630 lines of code. Do you want 
> me to copy-paste it here, in the body of the email?

Sending attachments to a list is not a good idea. I don't think this list 
allows it either.

You can post a pointer to a script that people can download and look at. Since 
you are talking about scripts that are used as part of your companies 
business, you may not want to make those scripts public.

As I worked on those scripts, I already have copies of them. If you remind me 
which of the three scripts (newimage, newimage5, or logov1) is the one used 
most, I can do some testing at my end. I will try to isolate the leak to a 
small set of operations or a specific API call.

I would be doing this on a volunteer basis as my free time permits (mainly 
weekends and possibly some evenings) in order to help see that a problem in 
gimp-perl, or GIMP, gets found and fixed.


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