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> Hi,
> On Wed, 2008-03-26 at 22:11 -0400, Andrei Simion wrote:
>> I run Gimp 2.2 on a Red Hat machine. The Perl scripts delete the images
>> that are created by using gimp_image_delete. Even so, the swap file is
>> created and it inflates significantly. For instance, after creating 250
>> images its size is of 2.7 MB.
> That is not much and all it shows is that the image processing you are
> doing is using more memory than the configured tile-cache-size. I am not
> sure if I understand your problem at all...

I think as Bill pointed out that was a typo, it should have read 2.7GB, I  
believe that was confirmed.

>> I would be interested in eliminating the swap file or at least limiting
>> its size. I think it should resize itself, but this doesn't happen.
> The swap file only resizes itself when tiles at the end of the swap file
> are freed. So you may have to free all tiles before the swap file
> resizes itself to zero. If if doesn't do that, then your script leaks an
> image or a drawable somewhere (or it calls a function that leaks).
> Sven

I agree there's not much point in having a complex script like 630 lines  
of proprietary code and reporting it as a GIMP bug. If there is an leakage  
issue here , that this rather extencive use is bringing to light, it  
certainly ought to be fixed but a simple test case that can be published  
is needed.

I think Kevin Cozens, who is familiar with the script, is looking at that.


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