On Wed, 2008-03-26 at 22:11 -0400, Andrei Simion wrote:

> I run Gimp 2.2 on a Red Hat machine. The Perl scripts delete the images 
> that are created by using gimp_image_delete. Even so, the swap file is 
> created and it inflates significantly. For instance, after creating 250 
> images its size is of 2.7 MB.

That is not much and all it shows is that the image processing you are
doing is using more memory than the configured tile-cache-size. I am not
sure if I understand your problem at all...

> I would be interested in eliminating the swap file or at least limiting 
> its size. I think it should resize itself, but this doesn't happen.

The swap file only resizes itself when tiles at the end of the swap file
are freed. So you may have to free all tiles before the swap file
resizes itself to zero. If if doesn't do that, then your script leaks an
image or a drawable somewhere (or it calls a function that leaks).


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