Sorry if this is the wrong list for this question, but I figure the developers 
are most likely to be doing this.

I've followed the instructions on the site. BABL, GEGL and Gimp are all 
installed to /usr/local/gimp2.5. I've installed a modified version of the 
suggested wrapper script (with the correct paths) in /usr/local/bin.

Any attempt to run gimp-2.5 results in the message

Libgimp version mismatch!

The GIMP binary cannot run with a libgimp version
other than its own. This is GIMP 2.5.0, but the
libgimp version is 2.4.5.

Maybe you have GIMP versions in both /usr and /usr/local ?

I've tried carrying out the functions of the wrapper by hand. I've run ldconfig 
-N on the .../gimp-2.5/lib directory. 

I'm using stow to manage the system so I could theoretically just use it to 
swap the versions in and out, but I'd rather be able to run them properly 

Any suggestions?

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