Sven Neumann wrote:
> Procházka Lukáš Ing. - Pontex s. r. wrote:
> > I'd like ALL GIMP windows (typicaly one named "GIMP", window
> > "Layers", window "Brushes", window with edited images etc.) to be
> > brought to the front (of other non-GIMP windows), when an arbitrary
> > of them is selected (e.g. via Alt+Tab) or clicked on.
> We have discussed this and it would be very difficult to implement, if
> not impossible. This is because such functionality would have to be
> implemented at the window manager level.
> Your request is also somewhat obsolete due to a couple of changes in
> trunk that will be in GIMP 2.6. For window managers that honor the
> "utility" window hint, the problem is basically solved. What's
> currently missing is a proper implementation of this window manager
> hint in the Win32 port of GTK+/GDK. If you can help with that, that
> would be very much appreciated and it would basically solve your
> feature request.

What does help a bit is bringing an image window to the front then
hitting TAB twice - that'll hide then show all the dock windows and thus
bring them to the front.

By the way - would it be possible to make that key (TAB) configurable?
It would be really nice to be able to work in fullscreen all the time by
just showing and hiding all dock windows when neccessary, but TAB ceases
to work as soon as some control in a dock has focus...

(I guess an option to disable TAB to switch between controls in the dock
windows - which I personally never need, since I navigate the docks with
the mouse - isn't an option, is it?)

That or the ability to scroll beyond the image's bounds (extending the
scroll bars to go half the width/height of the window beyond the image
edges) would make working a lot easier - I find myself constantly
resizing image windows after opening to fit them between the toolbox and
the dock so that everything stays accessible.

Just my 0.02 EYPO...

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