I'd like ALL GIMP windows (typicaly one named "GIMP", window "Layers", window "Brushes", window with edited images etc.) to be brought to the front (of other non-GIMP windows), when an arbitrary of them is selected (e.g. via Alt+Tab) or clicked on.

This behaviour seems to me better as you don't have to click each GIMP window. When you select any GIMP window, it probably means you want to work with GIMP overall, i.e. you need to see image windows, layer window... simply all opened GIMP windows at the same moment.

Imagine you use Alt+Tab to switch between applications. When working with GIMP, you temporarily switch to another application, and when you want to restore ALL previous GIMP windows, you have to select them each one after other!

Suggested feature should be eventually conditioned by a switch in the User Preferences dialog box.

As I've written this motif to bugzilla first (thinking that was the right place), I've got an answer: "That's already implemented in trunk, at least for sane window managers."

As only MS Win user, I'm no judge of how other window managers work.

In case of WinXP (and probably MS Win in general): All [parent dependent] windows created with a special creation flag (maybe WS_CHILD or WS_TOOLWINDOW window style in WinAPI, see e.g. MSDN for CreateWindowEx() function) are automatically brought to the top. If they don't have such creation flag, behaviour described above must be implemented another way.

Thank you.

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PS: WinXP user, CPU ~3 GHz, ~1 GB RAM

PPS: I'm novice here. I hope I put this message to the right place; if not, please let me know.

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