The current protection mechanism for closing images is insufficient as it 
differentiate between 'saved' and 'exported'.

Symptom 1:
exporting to .png requires clicking a nag-screen

Sympton 2:
closing a multi-layered image which has been exported before
doesn't give a warning about loosing the unsaved layer information!

So the problem is displaying the correct warning at the wrong time.
The information loss doesn't happen when exporting to .png, but
when closing an image which hasn't been saved to .xcf


1) the export warning for flat file formats should be optional ('do not show 
this dialog again')
2) closing images, which have not been saved to .xcf, should trigger a warning
   ('you have already exported this image to .png, but you will loose all your 
     information if you close the image now')

The UI Brainstorm didn't seem the right place to post this,
should i file it as a bug report? 


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