Carl Karsten wrote:

> proposed spec:
> File Open/Save/Save_as_Copy only work on .xcf - all other formats must use
> File 
> Import/Export.[1]
> Add File/Import and Export to handle alien formats.

Save_as_Copy and Export are the same (the user should be able to export as 

This approach shifts the problems from saving to opening.
Additionally, the 'forced .xcf' behaviour can be quite nagging - consider 
user experience for a quick Levels adjustment to a photo:
1- Open doesn't work
2- Import
3- adjustments, all jpeg-compatible
4- Save only allows .xcf, which is overkill here
5- Step back to Export
6- remaining image mysteriously nags on closing

Where i agree with you, is that gimp should support the typical workflow
which centers around a .xcf main document with several regularily updated 
But that is another topic.

To answer your question: please, A and B.

Another idea i'm currently tinkering with:
Don't all those export troubles disintegrate once we presume a little
more confidence in the undo function?

What if Save foo.jpg would actually flatten the image?
If that was not intended, the user could easily undo and use Export the next 
Advantage: The result can be seen, with layers&alpha being lost. This is much 
intuitive than textual explanations...

so long,

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