proposed spec:

File Open/Save/Save_as_Copy only work on .xcf - all other formats must use File 

Add File/Import and Export to handle alien formats.

File/New and File/Import would be very similar: they both create a new image 
with various attributes.  New gets the the attributes from the dialog, Import 
gets them from the image file.  Currently, File/New, OK, file/Close does not 
produce a nag. (good.)  File/Import, File/Close would not nag.

File/New currently does not name the image.  That gets asked for on save.  The 
same would apply to File/Import: it would not inherit the name.  File/Save 
default the name to Import name, but using .xcf instead of ext of Import. 
File/Export would default to the Imported name.ext and type.  (example: 
File/Import foo.gif, File/Save prompts for name, defaults to foo.xcf. 
File/Export defaults to foo.gif)

command line usage would still work with any format.  but that only applies to 
'loading' the file, not what it's name is.  (i think all save/export cases are 
covered above)

The only nag will be when trying to close a touched image that has not been 
"saved" (which by #1 would always be as .xcf)

File/Preference option to turn off the "you will loose info" nag.  Possibly 
options to tune it, like "Only nag if not saved in any format." (I have a 
feeling that is more confusing than it is worth, but would be easy enough to 
implement, and would save my ass when I accidentally close the wrong image 
window.)  I am pretty sure there is a usability law that says an app should 
always warn before discarding data, so I am pretty sure there should always be 
the "Save the changes to 'Untitled' before closing?" nag.

</proposed spec>

I think this would remove the need for all nags except "save unchanged?"

It would add steps when using gimp to edit an alien format.
current: gimp foo.gif, (or launch gimp, Open foo.gif), edit, Save, Close.
proposed: gimp foo.gif, (or launch gimp, Import foo.gif), edit, Export, Hit 
button (filename defaulted to foo.gif)[2], Close, hit Don't_Save in respose to 
"Save Unchanged...?"

Damm... there is still something that I am not sure how to handle: When 
Exporting, should it nag when you are overwriting an existing file?  I think 
answer is 'yes' which will add another step.  I can see gimp being intelligent 
about this and doing the obvious thing (don't nag if using the default) but 
  might be crossing a line into automagic.  maybe another Preferences option.

One question: should gimps 'normal' behavior make it easy (minimum nags) to edit
A) alien formats,
B) gimps native format?

I am kinda liking the idea that gimp makes it easy to edit/save gimp images, 
  alian formats are derivatives, not the primary storage for images.

Did I mis anything?

Carl K

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