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> Hi all,
> Carl Karsten wrote:
> > proposed spec:
> > 
> > File Open/Save/Save_as_Copy only work on .xcf - all other formats must use
> > File Import/Export.[1]

Yesterday I saved an image in xcf by mistake, by mistyping the .png at
the end of the filename (left off the dot).

Usually if I type a filename ending in .png though, I don't want an xcf
file to be created.

> What about using just Import/Export?
> The GIMP could take care of saving automatically, e.g. by writing XCFs to a 
> private folder.

How then do I give the xcf file to someone else, or back it up?
I'd quickly have several hundred gigabytes of data there if I wasn't
careful, too.

> Throwing out Open/Save/Save_as_Copy as a whole solves a lot of issues.

A long-term gnomish model might be to make it easier to drag things onto
the desktop (or into folders in the file manager), but people use gimp
also in other environments.

It's important to remember that some of the interactions between gimp
and content management systems are and will remain manual (e.g. when to
save an interim "milestone" copy, and when the work is finished...)

Also, right now, I can use Save As, do some changes, undo the changes,
and see where I had got to when the image is marked as unchanged (the
star goes away from the window title for example).

But maybe a note in the Undo History about "image was saved here" would
be even more useful to me and clearer to others.


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