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> What I'm after is a fast-rendering, easy to use method of flipping through
> "snapshots" of my workflow.  Shift-clicking on the eye-ball by each layer
> comes close, but it is slowed by the processing required during rendering.
> My proposal is a way to get around that and speed things up for the user.
> The ideal experience for the user would be to be able to add a snapshot to
> the snapshot list/window at any point after he has made some intermediate
> edits on his image.

I have written a Script-fu  
which might be helpful.

The script adds a "Snapshot Projection" command to the Image menu and  
when executed, will add a layer to the image's "snapshot view" (which  
is actually itself an image). If the snapshot image does not exist, it  
is created.

The layername generated for the added snapshot layer consists of: the  
total number of layers in the image at the time of the snapshot  
followed by a colon followed by a period separated list of the  
positions of the visible layers (top-to-bottom, top being "0"). For  
example, an image with four layers with the layer underneath the top  
layer in the stack hidden would produce a snapshot layer named "4:0.2.3"

Of course you are free to rename the snapshot layer to something more  
informative should you wish.

The script does not expand the snapshot image's canvas size; should  
this be desired then perform a "Image->Fit Canvas To Layers" (or  
modify the script to perform a 'gimp-image-resize-to-layers') on the  
snapshot image.

Each open image can have its own snapshot view. You can save the  
snapshot image to a file, and even reload it later as long as you  
don't rename it. If you close your original image and reload it, it  
will NOT use the same snapshot image (a new one will be created). The  
same is true if you duplicate your original image: a new snapshot view  
will be created for the duplicate image.

The script has not been rigorously tested but I did attempt to have it  
return things to their original state.

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