vabijou2 writes:
> Image -> Duplicate is an unacceptable alternative.  The idea is to create a 
> single window that allows the user to cycle through multiple (named)
> snapshots 
> in any order he chooses to see large or small changes more readily.  Image
> -> 
> Duplicate has so many negatives to this process that I don't know where to 
> start. 

How about this?

The first time, do Copy Visible then Paste as->New Image.
Call this new image the snapshot image.

After that, do Copy Visible then go to the snapshot image and Paste
(then click New Layer).

Now the snapshot image has all the snapshots as layers. To cycle
through you need only turn layers on and off.

Of course, if you did this all the time you could very easily
automate the process: make a little script-fu that does Copy
Visible, checks whether the snapshot image exists, then either
does Paste as New or Paste + New Layer in the snapshot image,
from a single menu item.

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