2008/7/28 Liam R E Quin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> On Mon, 2008-07-28 at 01:19 +0900, Souichi TAKASHIGE wrote:
>> [...]
>>  But it costs too much memory when we
>> make a lot of strokes -- and we *DO* make thousand of strokes when we
>> draw an image -- compared to the current implementation which has a
>> buffer per each layers.
> That's something that needs to be measured.

I see.
It takes much memory when we draw brushmarks many times on the same
area, I think that is very usual situation.
Perhaps we should study the memory usage for this situation.

> Don't forget that right now, the strokes are stored individually in
> the undo history anyway.

Yes and no. GIMP copies previous tiles prior to its modification, but
that is part of previous layer image, not a stroke itself. GIMP can
forget the undo cache, and do forget the undo cache (on program
termination for example.)
On the other hand, GeglBuffers for each strokes should be kept
persistently. That is a big difference between undo cache and contents
of GeglBuffer.
But we can estimate the rough memory usage for the situation above
from the memory usage of the undo cache.
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