I olso get the top+left pixel error but only when scaling using a script-fu.
Any idea?

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>Van: David Gowers [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
>Verzonden: woensdag, juli 30, 2008 03:53 PM
>Aan: 'Geert Jordaens'
>CC: Gimp-developer@lists.xcf.berkeley.edu
>Onderwerp: Re: [Gimp-developer] need help with bug #464466 (downscaling 
>On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 10:23 PM, David Gowers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> The webpages are nearly finished, I'm checking them now.
>> Some observations on the results of scaling:
>> * The old code mistreated the left and top edges, resulting in a
>> duplication of up to 1 pixel on the left and top edge (and
>> corresponding omittal of a row of pixels on the right and bottom
>> edge). This looked slightly odd for upscaling, and very odd for
>> downscaling. The new code gives results that are more predictable and
>> more correct.
>> * There is still a bug present in the new lanczos code which you can
>> easily see on the horse test image- the top row and left column of
>> pixels acquire junk pixels (there was only pure white in the source
>> image near there) . An example of the bug is attached. I hope this
>> helps isolate the cause of the bug.
>> (this bug is not present in the old code)
>OOPS! In fact, this bug is a reduced version of the same 'top+left
>edges stretched' bug in the old code.
>I've finished checking, and am just sending off the results and
>webpage to Sven now.

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