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> > The one thing I definitely can't do is
> > * Host webpage.

I can do that if you want, although gimp.org would be better.
As long as it's under a gigabyte or so.

Here are some images that may help show some problems -- colour photos
tend to hide problems, partly because the eye sees the subject more
easily and auto-corrects flaws, and partly because the hardest thing
for rescaling is often preserving both texture and sharpness.  Of
course, most people are working with colour photos these days...)

For potential problems with vertical artifacts, see the
1600x1200 image at
(I had to resize it to 1024x768 using cubic and then sharpen)

The 1518x916 one at
has near-horizontal lines which are difficult.

has diagonals and is an RGB image instead of grayscale.

is a fairly clean woodcut.

I have some much larger images too if you want them.


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