Not clear these are bugs, I'll gladly file bugs for them if it
will help.

(1) filters->recently used has a list of recnetly used fiters;
    these menu items bringup dialogue boxes, so they should have
    "..." after the names, and don't.

(2) am I the ony person bothered by having two entries for New in
    the file menu?  They should probably be combined.

(3) if I have an image open, and minimise/iconify it, I now have
    no way to create a new file, except by opening the image again.
    File->new from an image window copies the characteristics of
    that window, too, so I now find myself creating grayscale
    images all the time.

    Please can we have the menus available from the right mouse button
    at least, in the toolbox drop area?


Liam Quin - XML Activity Lead, W3C,
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