On Thursday 02 October 2008, Kent Tenney wrote:
> Howdy,
> I ask this every couple years, the release of 2.6
> seems like a time to have another go.
> In my digital camera file prep workflow, the only step
> which I can't script is the color tweaking. Each file
> needs the curves adjusted manually.
> I want the curves file automatically saved for each file
> I prepare, creating files something like:
> curves/autogen/dscn9999.jpg.crv
> Then I could script the making of a new version of that image,
> applying those curves to the original. I can then script the
> required resampling, format conversion or whatever else the
> latest requirement is.
> Since I'm lazy I don't want to go through the clicking and typing
> required to do this manually.
> Just curious, is it any easier for a Python programmer to do this
> in 2.6 than in 2.4?

Not yet -

Save for the documentation - Lars began working on the python docs. for the 
GSOC and we should complete it over the forecoming weeks - then at least you 
will have documentation. 

But also as part of this project we plan to change - for the easier -  a lot 
otf things in doing python plug-ins for gimp 2.8.

As for the curves: they are now auto-saved when applied, but with a time 
stamp, instead of filename.  You will jwut have to fetch teh saved file and 
agregate it to your image somehow.

That said, mail me any specific need you have towards saving curves and and 
applied saved curves files form python scripts - it is likely we could have 
some utility fucntions to do this in the next version.


> Thanks,
> Kent

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