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>> Quoting Kent Tenney <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>>> will there be provisions to apply a saved curve to an image without the
>>> gui?
>> If you have the GIMP Animation Package installed, you will find a plug-in
>> named 'plug-in-wr-curves' which permits application of a curves file.
>> plug-in-wr-curves
>>  GIMP Plug-in
>>  <Image>/Video/Layer/Colors/
>>  Wrapper for GIMP Curves Tool call based on Curves file
>> Parameters
>>  run-mode      INT32      Interactive, non-interactive
>>  image         IMAGE      Input image
>>  drawable      DRAWABLE   Input drawable (must be a layer)
>>  filename      STRING     Name of a GIMP curves file (saved by the Curves
>> Tool)
>> Return Values
>>  the-drawable  DRAWABLE   the processed layer
>> Additional Information
>>  This Plugin loads a # GIMP Curves File, that was saved by
>>  the GIMP 2.0pre1 Curves Tool
> Darn, it seems this won't help, the format of the Gimp 2.6 autosaved curves
> file must be different than the one this plugin was written against.
Yes, it certainly is. However, you can export curves in the same
format as earlier GIMP versions, then you can
easily apply them with wr_curves.



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