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> will there be provisions to apply a saved curve to an image without the gui?

If you have the GIMP Animation Package installed, you will find a  
plug-in named 'plug-in-wr-curves' which permits application of a  
curves file.


   GIMP Plug-in


   Wrapper for GIMP Curves Tool call based on Curves file


   run-mode      INT32      Interactive, non-interactive
   image         IMAGE      Input image
   drawable      DRAWABLE   Input drawable (must be a layer)
   filename      STRING     Name of a GIMP curves file (saved by the  
Curves Tool)

Return Values

   the-drawable  DRAWABLE   the processed layer

Additional Information

   This Plugin loads a # GIMP Curves File, that was saved by
   the GIMP 2.0pre1 Curves Tool then calculates the curves
   (256 points foreach channel val,r,g,b,a) and calls the
   Curve Tool via PDB interface with the calculated curve
   points It also stores the points, and offers a
   GIMP_RUN_WITH_LAST_VALUES Interface and an Iterator
   Procedure for animated calls of the Curves Tool with
   varying values.

Author: Wolfgang Hofer ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

Date:   2.4.1; 2008/01/30

Copyright: Wolfgang Hofer

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