On Friday 03 October 2008 08:58:29 Martin Nordholts wrote:
> 1. Hide the toolbox Wilber by default, or
> 2. Add a UI in the Preferences to toggle toolbox Wilber on and off.
> What are peoples thoughts here?
For me it is not a drop target, but a little branding plaque and as such quite 
nice, but should be fixed to not get in the way. 

When it was added I did not recognize Wilber either tho, mainly because I was 
using single row toolbox at the time. Ive gotten used to him since tho so on 
Linux I'm no longer bothered by his presence. 

On Windows however the bar is wider than the menu used to be and also since on 
windows the utility window hints don't work and toolbox cannot be even made a 
two-column one, 4 is minimum, it is a bother. For anybody trying to use the 
single row stretched toolbox is going to be slightly bothered by it as well. 
It should stay against the shorter edge of the toolbox...

So, to sum it up, it is a nice product plaque and as such could IMHO stay if 
its fixed to play nice ... and perhaps allow users to hide it with a single 

-- Alexia

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