> On Fri, 2008-10-03 at 07:58 +0200, Martin Nordholts wrote:
>> Regarding question B however, I believe we need to do something. It
>> doesn't seem as if people easily make the association we wanted them to
>> make: where you see Wilber, you can drop an image to open it. (Some
>> people doesn't even see that it is Wilber, although IMO it is pretty
>> obvious.) I see two options:
>> 1. Hide the toolbox Wilber by default, or
>> 2. Add a UI in the Preferences to toggle toolbox Wilber on and off.
>> When Wilber was added in the toolbox in the development version my
>> opinion was that he should not be in the Toolbox, and I still have that
>> standpoint. In other words, I think we should go for option 1 for GIMP
>> 2.6.1.
> No way. This would be a UI and string change and as such it is
> completely unacceptable for a stable release. If it would be absolutely
> necessary in order to fix a severe bug, that would be something
> different. But this is such a no-issue that it is definitely not worth
> it.
> Apart from that, we, the developers and the UI team, decided that the
> graphics should be there. I don't see why we should change our mind now.
Might be, just because users are asking for it ?

With all respect, but your intention to indicate a drop down area with this
UI element failed for me. Coming from 2.4.x:

1st. On a first glance I thought it was a left-over from the removed
     pull-down menus.
2nd. I did not recognize at all that it was Wilber.
3rd. Therefore I did not recognize its purpose intuitively.

Moreover, my use case is to work with a 2 window layout: Toolbox with tools,
tool options and layers/channels/path/undo etc. integrated in one single,
vertical oriented window on the left, similar like that one:
and the image window to its right. In my case the enlarged drop-down area
takes space away I could use better, e.g. for one more layer.

I would support Martin's options #2 above with the default "on". Users who
don't need or want it like me can turn it off. The feature to drop a new
image onto the toolbox still remains, even in this case.

> There are always a few people complaining. There's nothing you can do
> about that.
I don't see this as a complaint rather than a critical review of a new UI
design element incl. proposals how to fit users' needs.


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