Just some thoughts on Gimp in general and 2.6 in particular.


Layers:  Somebody has
misplaced a box.  Where has the layers
stack window gone?  I can’t turn on the
pane under either layers, image or view. 
I can create a new layer but not see what layers are on the image.


Save As: I don’t seem to be able to move up a level then
down into a new folder on a save as. 
This is an issue as I’m taking tiff’s from one location, editing them
then saving as jpg into a separate folder for ftp upload.  Optimally, open (and 
save) and “save as”
would set their default folders independently as the last folder used for that


Unsharpen Mask:  The
GEGL unsharpen mask feature does not use standard terminology.  I have no idea 
how to set this.


General Wish List:


Locate Center Point:  Reviewing
a 22MP image a 100% means navigating an image with an equivalent size of
several feet.  What would be nice is some
way to mark the exact center of the image, where the central AF point fell, so
that it can be quickly navigated to at 100%.


Scale to File Size: 
Many stock sites require an image to be upsized.  For example Alamy requires an 
file size of 48megs from a file saved as a 8bit .JPG.  It would be useful to be 
able to set in an
uncompressed file size and have the GIMP resize to be exactly that size.


View at Simulated Output, 150, 300 or 500 DPI:  Back in the days of film we 
would have
laughed at anybody getting spun up that an image was not sharp when enlarged to
multiple feet from a 35mm or smaller frame. 
When scanned, we edited out images at output size, and used 100% view
for retouching.  Everybody needs a little
reminder that the question how will this look outputted, not how will this look
on a theoretical billboard.


High Dynamic
 Range Imaging: Which will require
greater then 8bit color.  Mathematically
putting 3 or more images bracketed on a tripod together for an expanded tonal
range.  Currently can be done natively in


Color Palettes: Digital Cameras tend to output in only a
couple of color palettes.  Alien Skins
Exposure 2 plug in can simulate a number of old film palettes.  It would be 
nice to be able to do in the open
source world (patents allowing).  At
least from Kodak, datasheets including gamma curves of every film they’ve ever
made are online (RG25 FTW).


Noise Reduction:  The
overexposed look is in for photography lately as dark areas of an image pick up
patterning from the digital sensor (i.e. noise).  Back in the days of film 
seeing grain in an
image enlarged to several feet would be a “live with it”.  Today a number of 
companies will reject
images showing ANY noise at 100%.    Plugins  such as noise ninja are quite 
popular.  Would be nice to have a specific noise
killing enhancement in GIMP.  

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