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> Stephen DeLear wrote:
> [...]
> > Scale to File Size:  Many stock sites require an image to be upsized.  
> > For example Alamy requires an uncompressed file size of 48megs from a 
> > file saved as a 8bit .JPG.  It would be useful to be able to set in an 
> > uncompressed file size and have the GIMP resize to be exactly that size.

> This seems incredibly silly and naive.

Regardless, this is what they require.

>   First of, as JPEG is a lossless format,
I think you mean "lossy" here.

Alamy (for example) requires a minimum uncompressed file size of
48 MBytes and a maximum compressed file size of 25 MBytes.  They
have instructions on how to upscale images. See for example

If you want to go on a crusade against stock image companies,
that's fine :-)

Liam (also at CSAIL by the way!)

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