On Tuesday 30 December 2008 23:18:13 psgo...@bluewin.ch wrote:
> Hi,
> I wish to use GIMP. I have downloaded it. I have run the setup program.
> I have a problem as a result.

> Some more background information first.
> I am British. I live in Switzerland. My computer was purchased in
> Switzerland. The OS offered does not have an English option, so I struggle
> with the German.

> Here is my problem.

> I do NOT WANT GIMP TO TALK TO ME IN GERMAN. Please tell me how to get it
> switched into English.
Easy way if you will never need the other languages - uninstall gimp, then 
install again but choose to customize your install. Then remove check box from 
the Translations. Voila. Alternatives are, find and delete the localizations 
from your Program files/Gimp (not exact location, medium level task) folder or 
teaching your windows to set your LANGUAGE env variable(advanced level task). 

> And I'm not impressed that it has taken me so long to navigate through the
> different screens and options to just throw a question out into mid-air,
> not knowing what will happen to it.
You get answered.

> Screams of frustration.
Perhaps you should try Paint.NET instead? Or Picasa? No point getting 
frustrated over software.

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