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> Hi,
> On Fri, 2009-03-20 at 19:15 +0200, Lightning LIMN wrote:
> Why so complex? You can have a look at the Print plug-in to see how to
> transfer the image projection to a Cairo surface without the need to
> save as PNG.

Thanks Sven, I haven't known that. I found what I needed in
print-preview.c, and I'll try this code out soon.

I should be able to build a small demo that does default printing for
layers and text as one image, however there are several questions we
should consider:

1. How will the user create multi-paged PDFs? Should he choose
different images, one for each page? (This sounds like the most
reasonable way compared to other ways I thought of).
2. PDFs don't have anything such as transperent backgrounds for the
pages. Should we ask the user for a background color for each page, or
should we get the background color from the current gimp context? (Or
mayber we should simply make it white)
3. When drawing paths, how should we ask the user where to draw each
path? Also, how will he tell us how to fill/stroke it?
Abusing the layer names doesn't sound right, and it won't be
user-friendly if he would need to manually relocate his paths inside
the plugin's preview...
The only solution I can see for handling this would be to wait for
vector layers in GIMP, however I haven't heard of any recent progress
in this direction.

-- LightningIsMyName
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