Sven wrote:

> Martin wrote:
>> Yes, processing shall as long as possible be done in RGB, but at some
>> point you need to convert to the CMYK color space and a high-end  
>> photo
>> app should support editing also in this color space.
> Why? Because you say so?

wow, the return of the cmyk wars.

the photo part is not the issue, the vision also speaks of

"GIMP [...] supports creating original art from images"

I agree with the point that all of GIMP should be pure rgb
based, with support for cymk import, export and cymk color selection.

let me quote myself from 2 weeks ago about managing and checking and
optimising export to lossy formats:

"my rough plan for supporting that looks like overlaying the
image with a projection screen (lets not call it a layer)
that simulates the lowering of fidelity. then this projection
screen itself could contain several layers of optimisations
and corrections that users may want to take. the high fidelity
image data is still available for further development.


"that recent ars technica review had a really clarifying metaphor
for cmyk for print workflows. along the lines of: the cmyk file
is the LP pressing of the rgb master tape. seeing this cmyk
conversion as a fidelity reducing (colour gamut) 1-way conversion,
it looks like the projection screen plan above could be the beginning
of a working cmyk support solution."


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