Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 8:44 PM, peter sikking wrote:
>> There is choice in there, and the user community cannot demand
>> that GIMP does certain things.
> It's quite an interesting point, because you are talking about
> demanding, whereas I'm talking about meeting users needs :) And you do
> understand the difference, do you? :)

in general: users have lots of needs, but it is GIMP's team
choice to meeting these needs _well_. the stress is on well,
because if you decide to do it in your vision, you have to strive
to be the best in that department.

website mock-ups and code generation; multi-page, multi-column
page layouts; hard disk de-fragmentation: users have these
needs, but GIMP will not help them with these.

>> presses that have operators. From the description above you can
>> see what is should be like: first you create the art, then you
>> bring it to the press.
> So what you are saying basically is that you see GIMP users as human
> beings living in a parallel world where all of the things mentioned
> above do not exist, workflows are perfectly RGB based and nobody ever
> has to deal with color separations other than exporting :)

If you had carefully read what I am offering to design for
GIMP you will see that it is a lot more than an export.

I am talking about covering the main image window with a
"projection screen" in this case for cmyk, whenever one wants,
from the first to the last second of the project, that with
the profile
of the printing press will give you some idea (I know there are
limits) of how it will come off the press. this projection screen
will have its own layers where one can take corrective measures
to make the output look good within the possible output range.
these corrective layers will hen be used of course for the
mastering/export to cmyk. all the cmyk tricks you talk about
(ink decomposition, trapping) can be set up for the
projection screen and where possible previewed there.

the overall task is actually mastering the image for printing press,
where cmyk happens to be an important factor in the world of today.

> Which means in fact that the team does not wish to meet *real*
> prepress users needs on product vision level.

I would like to have this answered answer first: why can't they
do it with scribus? are we the last piece of (free) software
in the world that can help them?


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