2009/4/9 Mirai Warren <the.future.comes...@gmail.com>:
> The notion that a program can improve artistic skills is heavily and
> typically misleading.  An artist can put together excellent works with
> any tool he chooses to use.  For instance, Microsoft Paint is
> responsible for some of the best creations at pixeljoint.com.

Exploring any new means of creation, digital or physical, can
obviously improve technical skills relating to  arts. "Artistic
skills" in general are harder to comment on, but from my experience
exploration is always beneficial.

Back on topic, I had always heard how bad GIMP's interface is, despite
the fact that I was using it perfectly fine. Although GIMP's UI is far
from perfect, I think at a certain point that opinion has become
something many people trust in without even trying the software for
themselves, and what they've heard about it makes it easy to mistake
its differences with other tools for poor quality.

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