This seems to run as a general response to software that challenges
another with a major market share/user base, and particularly free
software like blender and the gimp.  I myself was sceptical of both of
those projects earlier on due to prior experience with Maya and
Photoshop.  Many who use these professionally or regularly (I did not)
are much more apt to complain to others; for example, a teacher to his
students, a friend to friends.

On 4/10/09, Henk Boom <> wrote:
>  Back on topic, I had always heard how bad GIMP's interface is, despite
>  the fact that I was using it perfectly fine. Although GIMP's UI is far
>  from perfect, I think at a certain point that opinion has become
>  something many people trust in without even trying the software for
>  themselves, and what they've heard about it makes it easy to mistake
>  its differences with other tools for poor quality.
>     Henk
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