Just wanted to share some (positive) feedback from a person I had been
pushing to try gimp:

I've used MS Paint for a long time for pretty similar reasons - my
artistic talents approach zero, it's all I had on my computer, and
it's free.

I, too, figured there was no point getting new software that would
have loads of stuff I couldn't use obscuring stuff I could use if only
I could find it under all the clutter. I wanted MS Paint plus a little
bit, and I, too, had a list of 'fixes', top of the list being negative

However, I recently got Gimp and I was pleasantly surprised at my
ability to pick it up, even without an integral help file (which still
won't load )
I'd heard all sorts of horror stories about how difficult it is to
use, but that isn't my experience. I found it quite possible to use
the basics and ignore the rest.

My conclusion is that either the scare stories are wrong, or the
latest version of the software is much easier to use than earlier

If it's the latter, then a new download of Gimp might just give you a
drawing program that will improve your skills - as it has with mine.

Just something to think about, the "...scare stories..." comment.

-Rob A>
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