Ach.  Sorry, but my meaning was simply that an artist can create art
with any tool.  mspaint was only an example.

>Looks like you have to make a tough choice to stop contradicting yourself :)
I wasn't contradicting myself.  By "was responsible for" I meant "was
used to create".  It is still the artist that creates.

>While it is technically possibly to create dither
>patterns like this using a tool like MS-Paint (which it wasn't in this
>case - it was Gimp), it is my opinion that an artist would have to
>either be masochistic, have way to much time on their hands, or just
>be stubbornly trying to make a point to use such a tool rather than a
>more suitable one...
I can do those patterns with mspaint rather easily, and I am not a masochist.

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