On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 5:10 AM, Mirai Warren wrote:
> The notion that a program can improve artistic skills is heavily and
> typically misleading.  An artist can put together excellent works with
> any tool he chooses to use.  For instance, Microsoft Paint is
> responsible for some of the best creations at pixeljoint.com.

So first you say that artist puts works together, but in the end it's
still Microsoft Paint that does the job? Looks like you have to make a
tough choice to stop contradicting yourself :)

Look, it's really simple. Application is a toolbox that you use to get
things done. Each tool is unique and usually implies a particular use
(while combinations are infinite). You can't substitute a saw with a
hammer or a screwdriver. Each new tool, when designed with love, care
and reason, either broadens artist's horizons or helps to get things
done faster, or both. Of course it will help one to improve skills,
because being able to do things faster and have time to experiment
just like being able to do completely new things does bring you on a
new level. If you are open to learn.

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