2009/5/14 Maciej Pilichowski <bluedz...@wp.pl>:
> On Thursday 14 May 2009 15:26:46 Jeffrey Brent McBeth wrote:
>> I've always just used the measure tool to tell me what the angle is
>> and rotate by that angle.  I'm sure your suggestion would make it
>> faster, but not by much.
> I think it would be much straightforward (less thinking) -- "I want to
> make the line from here to there horizontal/vertical; end".
> In comparison -- you have to make the same steps, but additionally you
> have to select another tool and type in the values you see on the
> screen.
> One rotation per day, ok, but ~100 rotations a day, it is significant
> boost, because it means ~500 keystrokes less (and less focus, you
> have to pay attention each time you type the values). So, I think you
> would be less tired with the tool as I proposed after working with
> the images.

What if the going into the rotation tool from the measure tool set the
default rotation? Then you could do shift-M, drag the line, shift-R,
then confirm. Don't know how learnable this would be, though.

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