Liam R E Quin writes:
> 5) zoom in on the place where you want to work, a step
>    at a time, gradually moving the floating selection
> 6) when you get to 50% or 100% so you can work, try to remember
>    why you wanted whatever you pasted.
> Why you think that's a smoother workflow than
> 1) paste so floating selection appears on the screen
> 2) continue working
> is beyond me.

I've found the "paste centers" behavior quite useful, and have
recommended it to lots of other people as a quick way to center
a layer (which used to be a FAQ, though less so now that the
align tool exists).

That said, it's hard to see an argument for anyone wanting to
paste to a part of the image that isn't visible. Surely most
people paste because they want to do something with the pasted
layer, which requires it being visible on screen.

Perhaps paste should center within the visible viewport?

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