On Friday 15 May 2009 21:23:57 Sparr wrote:

> When you paste a second time, the first paste should still be
> visible and selected(?) and the floating selection is the current
> drawable, and thus the second paste end up on top of it (allowing
> for difference in paste sizes), right?  Can you elaborate on the
> precise order of operations that results in the second paste ending
> up somewhere "random"?

As Sven explained it is centered indeed, not truly random. But to 
realize the need of sane placement of the second paste, take an 
image, zoom it in, copy a rectangle from left, upper corner, paste 
it, confirm, paste it again, you have to go for the block (to d&d) 
right, down. Ok drag it and drop it in the initial corner. Now, copy 
something from bottom, right corner, paste it, confirm, paste it 
again. Now you have to go up, left.

When you copy&paste a lot of blocks all the time it really looks like 
a random process because you are chasing the second paste all over 
the window. This is not productive behaviour and can be improved by 
anticipating the more appropriate placement.

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