Logic may be even changed, but before change something is better understand how 
it works

Paste is centered at the center of the selection (if any)

Is not simple and intuitive create, or move, the selection where you want your 
object be paste ?

How i would able to guess a relation with the position of my mouse cursor and a 
 object to be pasted ? i can not see any logical connection

But i may well guess a relation with the selection

Only other meaningful relation i am able to imagine is center at the intersect 
point of 2 guides IF snap to guide is enabled (and no more then 2 guides are 

If not will be required for GIMP not only develop a advanced AI but even 
telepathic skills , because if for you may be relevant the position of the 
mouse, for me may be much more relevant the center of the portion of image i 
zoomed in...and who know what may seems more relevant for somebody else

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