Maciej Pilichowski wrote:
> So my workflow would be like this (option b):
> * copy
> * paste
> * confirm
> * paste
> * <ctrl+shift+h> (this will move the block from its initial position 
> to the position of the mouse)
> ctrl+shift+h is of course just an example. Sticky dragging is similar, 
> it "glues" the block to the mouse, so you don't need to hold LMB 
> while dragging (relief for users with even RSI).
> User in such case could choose whatever fit the best current 
> situation.
> What do you think?

I think the concept your propose is interesting, but I also feel it is 
highly optimized for your own workflow, and doing interaction design 
based on several peoples personal desires is never a good idea. I'd like 
to see your proposal presented in terms of the bigger GIMP UI picture. 
This site will be a starting point for doing such a thing:

 / Martin
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