On Saturday 16 May 2009 00:09:45 Alchemie foto\grafiche wrote:

> Is not simple and intuitive create, or move, the selection where
> you want your object be paste ?

I just found out -- maybe I put my wish into reverse. Instead of 
changing current behaviour maybe adding function:
a) sticky dragging
b) move it "here"

This will not affect how gimp works now in any way (0 penalty) but 
would enhance abilities to fast move the blocks. (a) could be great 
for handicapped users

So my workflow would be like this (option b):
* copy
* paste
* confirm
* paste
* <ctrl+shift+h> (this will move the block from its initial position 
to the position of the mouse)

ctrl+shift+h is of course just an example. Sticky dragging is similar, 
it "glues" the block to the mouse, so you don't need to hold LMB 
while dragging (relief for users with even RSI).

User in such case could choose whatever fit the best current 

What do you think?

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