On Tue, 2009-07-14 at 12:44 +0200, Martin Nordholts wrote:

> Continuing the work on 
> http://gui.gimp.org/index.php/Save_%2B_export_specification , here is my 
> API proposal for common export dialog logic to be shared by file format 
> plug-ins:
>    GtkWidget * gimp_export_dialog_new (const gchar *format_name,
>                                        const gchar *role,
>                                        const gchar *help_id);

That's fine, but it doesn't deal with the problem of how the file
plug-in deals with the actual export. So far the gimp_export_image()
functions does take care of all the nasty details. We definitely don't
want to duplicate that code all over the place.


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