On 07/22/2009 11:59 PM, Martin Cracauer wrote:
> Hi.
> Can somebody tell me how far away GIMP is from being able to view
> manipulations that you do in a different color space in real time in
> real colors?


The current plan is get GIMP 2.8 out the door asap, hopefully within the 
next few months. Once that is done we will finish porting GIMP to GEGL. 
That means finally getting rid of all 8bpc-only code and introduce the 
GEGL data types. With the help of the babl library, GEGL can 
transparently process image data in any color space, including CIE Lab. 
See http://www.gegl.org/babl/BablFishPath.html for a more complete list.

Currently, neither babl nor GEGL is aware of ICC color profiles, but I 
don't expect it to be too much work to make GEGL color-profile aware. It 
is just a matter of feeding the right data into GEGL, which for the vast 
majority of operations works in linear light RGBA float.

So, once we have GEGL in place, working in any color space that has a 
one-to-one mapping to and from linear light RGBA (this does not include 
CMYK), should be fairly trivial.

  / Martin
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