Martin Nordholts wrote on Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 12:40:06AM +0200: 
> On 07/23/2009 12:27 AM, Martin Cracauer wrote:
> >Do I understand that correctly that you will move to
> >single-floats/color?
> If you in the yet not officially released GIMP 2.7 do View -> Use GEGL, 
> then the layers will be composited using GEGL. In other words, we have 
> the layers etc ported to a GEGL graph. It is worth mentioning that it is 
> technically trivial to insert non-destructive nodes in the graph, but 
> our focus now is getting GIMP 2.8 out.

I use the git version of last week.  Lost my tablet (probably due to
some dbus API issue) but works otherwise.

Let me just poke some more.  

And does all this survive layer copying and other changes?

Let's use an example: I like to use the levels tools with a
non-destructive adjustment first and although 2.6/2.7 allow me to take
the levels I found right to curves I usually don't do this.  I prefer
to commit the level change, then duplicate the layer and mess with the
curves in the new layer.  This, of course, causes me losses from
interpolation with the 8-bit channels, where it would not if I would
edit levels and curves in the same moment without committing levels
first and start over with curves.  Does current 2.7 carry floating
point layers through all of this?

I just tried this and I get the same teeth in the histogram in 2.7 no
matter whether I asked it to use GEGL or not, but I'm not sure I
activate it the right way.  This was just on a layer originating from

Does 2.7 as is support storing and reloading the floating point format
in *.xcf files?

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