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> [...]

> . In other words, the user could have the rulers
> tell him that point 0,0 begins at, say, the center of the image, instead
> of the top-left. This is a feature which would be useful to web
> developers and perhaps also game sprite developers.

A sufficiently discoverable and also precise way to do that might be to
have a context (pop-up) menu on the rulers, with items such as,
  "add new guide" (same as dragging a guide out)
  "set ruler zero-point to here"
  "0 is on the left (default)"
  "0 is on the right"
  "units >" (submenu)
  "[v]  show guides"

> However, I also see that there are other parts of the User Interface
> that display coordinates, including the box at the bottom left of the
> main window, and several tools such as the measuring tool. So the
> question I asked was: if it is possible to have an offset in the rulers,
> should all these components be in sync with the rulers?

Seems to me 0,0 is always going to be the top left corner of the image.
There's no way to have multiple coordinate systems without confusing
anyone not of a mathematical bent. It sounds like they should all work
together, but that would mean moving the origin of the image itself,
which might confuse scripts (e.g. they don't expect data at negative
coordinates I think) and might affect layer offsets when files are
exported.  So it should only be a "view" thing, and then it doesn't
need to be the same as the coordinates elsewhere, perhaps?


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