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Hi Robert,

> As Sven said, it was decided to decouple GIMP and Gutenprint quite a
> while ago.  I (as Gutenprint project lead) agree with that decision.
> It also gives us opportunities to do things that would be more
> difficult if we were tied to the GIMP release schedule.

I can understand this.

> (I think that the GIMP native plugin needs to support full PPD
> functionality -- last I looked, it only handles a small set of options
> from the PPD file -- but that's a problem with GNOME Print, not GIMP
> per se.)

One of the most common applications for Gimp is to print photos.  If the
Gnome print functionality is not up to this task, maybe it should not
have been chosen.

> While Gutenprint can generate PostScript, that path loses
> functionality over the native drivers and is less efficient since
> there are more stages of conversion going on.  Using native Gutenprint
> drivers, the plugin reconfigures its options appropriately depending
> upon other options that are set (e. g. when you set black and white
> mode, it removes all of the color controls).  CUPS also doesn't have
> any notion of curve data types.

I've considered using Gutenprint as my CUPS back-end driver in the past,
but I've always decided against it.  In the past, the Gutenprint
drivers, while producing great output, did not support many features of
my printer such as auto-paper type detect and resolution/quality setting
based on paper type.  This was a deal-breaker for me.  Because of this,
I never bothered to use Gutenprint's native drivers in Gimp either and
opted for the PostScript mode.

As I said, maybe Gutenprint has more complete support now.  I know it's
off-topic for this list, but do you know how Gutenprint integrates with

> I think that what you're really asking for is for the Gutenprint-based
> plugin to query CUPS for the attached printers.  That would be a
> worthwhile RFE, if you're interested in helping out.

I believe that this is exactly what I'm looking for.  This would
simplify things since I wouldn't have to create a custom command-line to
set certain options (e.g. Photo mode); those options could even be set
in the Gutenprint Gimp plug-in GUI.

> Our mailing list is gimp-print-de...@lists.sourceforge.net.  You can
> subscribe by going to http://gutenprint.org and clicking on Mailing
> Lists.

I'll sign up, thanks.


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