On Mon, 2009-08-17 at 22:47 -0500, Erik Lotspeich wrote:

> It seems as though there are now two options to print with Gimp: the
> gutenprint plugin and the native printing.
> The native printing does not appear to work properly either on Windows
> or Linux.  Are there plans to improve this?

It works nicely for me and for most other users. If it doesn't work for
you, then there appears to be a bug or some misconfiguration on your
system. Perhaps you should try to isolate the problem and open a bug

> Can Gutenprint be made to be a dependency?

Why should we do that? The plug-in is developed outside the GIMP tree by
the Gutenprint developers and this works nicely. We wouldn't gain
anything from adding a Gutenprint dependency. We had this (a long time
ago) and it didn't work so well.

> In my opinion, taking the CUPS functionality of the current native Gimp
> printing and integrating that into Gutenprint would be the best option.

There is no CUPS functionality in the current native GIMP printing. The
GIMP print plug-in knows nothing about CUPS or whatever other print
backend you may be using on your system. It uses the GTK+ print API
which provides a nice abstraction layer on top of the platform-specific
print system.

If you want CUPS support in Gutenprint, I suggest you talk to the
Gutenprint developers. The Gutenprint project has its own mailing-list.

> I have used Gimp nearly since its inception and I'm quite a fan.  As a
> software engineer, my motivation is to try to help to improve Gimp to
> make it better.  Although I am quite busy, I may be able to make some
> time to donate to an improvement of printing under Gimp.

Your help would be appreciated. But you did not tell us what the problem
with printing is that you want to improve. If it's just that printing
doesn't work for you, then I am sure that you will be able to find and
fix the problem in your setup. If you want to improve the native GIMP
print plug-in, then please propose those enhancements here.


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