Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 22:47:57 -0500
   From: Erik Lotspeich <>

   The native printing does not appear to work properly either on
   Windows or Linux.  Are there plans to improve this? Can Gutenprint
   be made to be a dependency?  Are there efforts to add CUPS support
   directly to Gutenprint?

As Sven said, it was decided to decouple GIMP and Gutenprint quite a
while ago.  I (as Gutenprint project lead) agree with that decision.
It also gives us opportunities to do things that would be more
difficult if we were tied to the GIMP release schedule.

(I think that the GIMP native plugin needs to support full PPD
functionality -- last I looked, it only handles a small set of options
from the PPD file -- but that's a problem with GNOME Print, not GIMP
per se.)

   In my opinion, taking the CUPS functionality of the current native
   Gimp printing and integrating that into Gutenprint would be the
   best option.  This would work with any CUPS-configured printer
   since Gutenprint can be configured to print PostScript and CUPS
   provides the PPD.  Once this is done, Gutenprint can be made a
   dependency of Gimp (as it was before with gimp-print).

To what end?

While Gutenprint can generate PostScript, that path loses
functionality over the native drivers and is less efficient since
there are more stages of conversion going on.  Using native Gutenprint
drivers, the plugin reconfigures its options appropriately depending
upon other options that are set (e. g. when you set black and white
mode, it removes all of the color controls).  CUPS also doesn't have
any notion of curve data types.

I think that what you're really asking for is for the Gutenprint-based
plugin to query CUPS for the attached printers.  That would be a
worthwhile RFE, if you're interested in helping out.

   I have used Gimp nearly since its inception and I'm quite a fan.
   As a software engineer, my motivation is to try to help to improve
   Gimp to make it better.  Although I am quite busy, I may be able to
   make some time to donate to an improvement of printing under Gimp.

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